Just Imagine—Your Very Own Custom-Designed Hotel Information Channel!

cablelisting.jpgWith Crystal-Clear.TV's latest offering, the Hotel Information channel, you now have the opportunity to welcome your guests as they enter, design your own television programming, AND create additional revenue streams.Crystal-Clear.TV offers quality, customized solutions with our Hotel Information channel packages that you are able to design based on YOUR needs.

Choose to combine such options as:

  • Hotel Information channel with hotel event listings
  • Hotel Information channel promoting property restaurants and services
  • Hotel Information channel promoting local businesses for additional revenue streams
  • Hotel Information channel with all the above and television channel listings

If you like, you may opt to combine these services with Channel Guide on-line. With Channel Guide On-Line you can combine such options as:

  • Channel Guide on-line with programming information only
  • Channel Guide on-line with programming information and your property events and services listed on a "split screen"
  • Channel Guide on-line combined with your very own easily-created full motion MPEG or banner ads
  • Channel Guide on-line to include advertising from local businesses­creating additional income

Crystal-Clear.TV offers you the necessary tools to achieve your individual property goals—AND we make it simple for everyone. Everything loads on your property PC and may be used with a property-owned Graphics Creation package to create your own graphic files. The best news is, you don't have to be a "Techie" to do any of this. The information you need is easily updated or created by simply "dragging and dropping" from the internet, or added directly from an email account.

Crystal-Clear.TV 's Hotel Information channel packages combine amazing technology AND are amazingly affordable. Contact us today to create a Hotel Information channel package that meets YOUR needs!

Be sure to ask about our large and multiple property discounts!