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CCDR Communications, Inc is constantly seeking new installers in the United States. We assign anInstaller to each property to do the site survey, installation and any checkups or channel additions necessary. All installers work as independent contractors.

If you would like to take part, please fill out the Installers application and we will contact you with further information. We make sure that our customers have highly qualified technicians to support them. Anyone who meets the necessary requirements is a welcome addition to our Satellite family. In addition to this form, you must also fill out and fax a W-9 federal form.

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required. If you prefer to fax your application, you may download the PDF file or Word document.

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The submission of a completed application and required documentation is required in order to be considered to become a CRYSTAL-CLEAR.TV installer. The undersigned applicant authorizes CRYSTAL-CLEAR.TV at any time to make whatever personal and business inquiries (including, without limitation, credit inquiries and background checks concerning any principle officers or managing agents of the applicant) it deems necessary in connection with this application. Subsequent requests for information, including personal and business inquiries may be made from time to time in connection with updating or continuing applicant's status as a CRYSTAL-CLEAR.TV installer. Applicant understands that CRYSTAL-CLEAR.TV may accept or reject this application in its sole and absolute discretion. By submitting this form, applicant hereby certifies that all information provided in this application and the required documentation is complete and accurate. Submitting this form is certifying that signed applicant and any other affiliate of such office agrees to adhere to non-disclosure of pertinent, private, technical and monetary information concerning any and all transactions between such companies/personnel as mentioned in this document.

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