High Speed Internet—The Number One Demand of Customers From Properties!

hotel_solutions.jpgAccording to all the latest surveys, high speed internet is the number one service travelers demand. It's no longer possible to just offer slow dial up connections. Today's business travelers are looking for High Speed Internet and/or WiFi connections.

With CCDR Communications, Inc's High Speed and WiFi Internet connections, it's easy for you to meet these demands. Whatever your existing internet connection system is, CCDR Communications, Inc can use your existing phone wiring—saving you thousands of $$ over new cable installation!

If you already have an internet provider, we can use your existing wiring—or go satellite for even faster internet connection speeds.

You won't notice any change in phone clarity. A VDSL enables existing phone lines to carry voice and data simultaneously. Built in splitters and filters ensure the phone and PBX are unaffected by DSL installation. CCDR Communications, Inc's High Speed and WiFi Internet connection solutions are secured and meet all hospitality industry standards and requirements.

CCDR Communications, Inc offers an affordable, High Speed Wireless Internet solution operating at 15Mbps, which can be installed wherever you like. Choose to have WiFi connections in all the rooms, in the business center, or even WiFi connections in the lobby, pool, or break area. CCDR Communications, Inc makes high speed Wireless Internet connections easy and affordable.

CCDR Communications, Inc's High Speed and WiFi connections were developed by a leading provider of high speed data networks and backed up by our USA based world class support operation. We  support your High Speed data network remotely so upgrades to the system are readily available.

Keep Your Competitive Edge! Contact CCDR Communications, Inc today for High Speed and WiFi Internet connections. We promise you'll be glad you did.

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