Satellite Television Broadcasting at a Fraction of the Cost of Cable!

Would You Like the Flexibility to Create Your Own Customized Networks—and Easily Change Them at Any Time?

Then you've come to the right place. CCDR Communications, Inc is the leading Western Regional DirecTV affiliate offering 20, 30, 40–up to 100–Channel systems at a monthly savings of approximately 80%–reducing the cost of your television signal over cable distribution. Finally you can supply your guests with the network programming they want and eliminate all the "filler " channels. Eliminating the "filler" channels saves you $$ and gives your guests better quality programming.  As a recent guest at LaQuinta said, "Thank you for having DirecTV. Now I don't have to flip though all those stupid channels."

changing-channels.gif  Changing Channels

Changing channels is only a phone call away. Just give us a call at Crystal-Clear.TV satellite television broadcasting, and within 24-48 hours (sometimes just 5 minutes) we will have added or taken away whatever channels you desire. Just imagine, free channel changes for the life of your system!

installation.gif   Installation

If you currently have cable, switching to DirecTV satellite television broadcasting with CCDR Communications, Inc is a breeze. First of all, you only need one or two satellite dishes per property. And, when the Head End Systems are delivered they are:

  • Built
  • Burned
  • Tested
  • Programmed AND
  • Balanced— prior to shipping. All you have to do is cut and play!

training.gif   Training

Satellite television maintenance is minimal and, in most cases, can be handled by your in-house staff. CCDR Communications, Inc satellite television broadcasting provides your entire staff with initial training to ensure most situations that may arise are covered. In cases where staff is minimal, we will send a qualified satellite television technician to walk you through the process.

warranty.gif   Warranty

We also equip all of our customers with a warranty. This worry-free warranty gives you the opportunity to spend your time with your guests and not with your equipment. CCDR Communications, Inc's SBCA trained satellite television broadcasting technicians are a phone call away. (If you are switching from an existing satellite television broadcasting system, or wish to have an extended maintenance agreement, please call CCDR Communications, Inc.)

customer-service.gif   Customer Service

We pride ourselves in our customer service. Our property owners are our highest priority and we make a commitment to support you. Our 24 hour toll free technical support means we actually answer the phones and respond to your requests in a timely manner. We even do the DirecTV paperwork for free! At CCDR Communications, Inc we understand our satellite television business comes from our customers. Keeping you happy means you continue your satellite service with us—and maybe even you recommend us to your friends!

And there's more! We'll even give you a complimentary private office system*. In other words, your General Managers can have their very own customized networks to choose from!

What are you waiting for? Contact us today and begin experiencing the flexibility and $$ savings only CCDR Communications, Inc has to offer for all your satellite television broadcasting needs.

Be sure to ask about our large and multiple property discounts!

One satellite receiver complimentary. All paperwork complimentary. Installation and shipping not included.